Friday, January 30, 2009


Here's 2 great examples of Fuck-uations...
...And if you're confused by my brand new noun
if you haven't already, watch both videos and I'll define at the end. Then, I challenge you to tell me you ain't have a tiny ounce of regret about giving the good gooshy gooshy away without any semblence of a rock, solid commitment.

First of the O.G. Queens of NY...

MC Lyte "Poor Georgie"
Who can forget this cautionary tale of a playa from-the-Him-a-lay-as who used to get his draink "OWN" and ended up killing himself DEAD.
(I know this ain't the O.G. vid, but listen to how the beats change to modern bangers in the background...DOPENESS.)


Eric Benet feat. Faith Evans "Georgy Porgy"
Yooooo! This song soooo reminds me driving to SDSU in my first vehicular baby, "NeNe" the Limited Edition Cadillac Neon. R.I.Peezy NeNers! We had some times, boy! May you rest pieces in a metal motherland...

Anywhoo, here's another ode to a Poor Georgy who was living life wild and foul. What is it about that 2-syllable euphemism that makes a muhfucka meet an untimely auto-related demise? Man!
Tell me this isn't some of the prettiest footage of Faith, though?

fuck-u-a-tion (<--I dun' toldja) n. 1. The clear and present understanding that the person you're fucking is only that: the person you're fucking. 2. A non-verbal agreement betwixt 2 adults regarding a "Don't Ask; Don't Tell," strictly sexual, "Don't Call Me; I'll Call You" jumble of relations. a.k.a. "What I do outside this bedroom/backseat/alley way/the baffroom at church is MY BIDNISS!"

Now, my fair maidens and muthafuckas:

How many of you have active
fuckuations popping in your palaces?
  • Does it suck?
  • OR
  • Does it ROCK?


Assertive Wit said...

it only rocks when BOTH parties stick to the rules...gets complicated when the fuckuation turns into "hey, I really like you"...why can't it just stick to sex? dammit!

swash1 said...

it sucks, cuz 9 times out of 10, one of the parties is either married or in a long term relationshit (yeah i wrote that on purpose) if you can't show me off fuck off! :)

Heather B said...

hard to keep it that way, in my experience it only worked once for a very short while..

nica said...

i've had SEVERAL over the yrs. and sum caught feelings (how unfortunate) and sum knew what time it was. but i've grwn up and outta that type shit. i have something that is more.... ooooh and i like it!
but when u have those fukuations it is really important to set the tone early. let em know from jump street what the deal is and show em. u may have to call em while u gettin wild for the nite and let em hear the otha one say u got some good good. but once u see the fuckuation is going in a different direction get the fuck outta there quikk!!

jamie (aka afro) said...

none of that fuckuation around here..

buh that georgey-porgy, i see it all the time. the kiddies who sit down at the bus terminal and smoke and then go rob people. or the addicts who have a girlfriend giving birth and they run out the next morning to get drugs and end up getting shot...

since i lurv etymology/psychology i decided to do some research on the term georgy-porgy (by research i mean going to wikipedia and typing it in) and turns out its the name of a character in a short story. he had mother issues and other crap...

Mista Jaycee said...

Ok New term added! I haven't had one of those. I get attached. Hey I see'ded you nekked! How is that not special?
Hey stop by. I miss your comments.

Buttahbrown said...

Gurl, You are so funny and you obviously know this.
I wish you could update everyday but I kno you have a life too LoL
Sincerely, Buttahbrown

BIN WA The Counselor said...

Fuckuations leaves one just that fucked. I lean towards
a common gratitude if you don't scream i won't holla ready to for a bun in the oven savvy?