Friday, January 30, 2009

Bush Era Bullshit

'106 & GOON,' Algernod?
Like: For Real?
Was the intersection of '13th and NiggerCoonSambo' already involved in the production of another live video show?

Now that Obama is in the h-h-HOOOUUSE, we have no time for the shenanigans above. We need to leave that shit in the Ig'nit Administration. We're trying to hop up out the beeeeddddd; turn our Barack and Michelle OOOONNNNNNN!!!
Get like US.


ODARA said...

wait! I know this ninja is NOT the new host???????????????

kimmysan said...

LMBAO! Yes Algernod, must've not gotten that guess is he probably don't read nothing, unless it comes via text....???

But you know, put that shit on BET too, they SHOULD know better.

jamie (aka afro) said...

im suprised that channel doesnt hav a blkface comedy show hosted by larry the cable guy or sumthin.. theyll do anything to make a buck. and mtv is no better. shih, why i wanna sit up and watch some white girls go shopping and bitch about men? or why do i wanna see spoild kids having huge/expensive birthdays?