Friday, January 30, 2009

Malibu T'Yanna

Yo, how did Biggie and Jan's East Coast asses end up with a California Girl?

T'Yanna, Biggie's daughter with his first babymama, Jan, is a teen now. (Dayum! I feel ANCIENT! Remember her THEN?!)
Peep her speaking on her daddy's biopic, "Notorious" while sounding like an extra in the movie, "Valley Girl."
Video Highlight: 5:43 mark where T.T. speaks on B.I.G.'s protege, Lil' Cease getting a lil' verklempt during the funeral scene at the movie's premiere. Now that's "HARD BODY!," Cease! ;^p

Ever since the movie's been out, I've been gettin' MAAADD hits to my blog for this post. Don't click that red 'X' without peeping the comments first. That ninjlet Anon 'tis a HOOT!

Peep T.T. and her brother, Biggie's A-Alike son with singer, Faith Evans, CJ, enjoying some online sibling time.

Now...DON'T.GET.IT.TWISTED. I'm a thug's Thug. A GANGSTA'S GANGSTA. But I think this is sooooo cute. You can tell they really love each other.
LMAO at the 1:06 mark where Faith and her Barack OBlackenedWeedLips make a quick, agitated appearance.

THIS is the kind of reality TV I'd watch.
What Say YOU?!


nica said...

awww damn u didn't say i was gonna need my headfones! left em in my other bag. guess i'll have to hit u up later to hear what i seen. and don't talk abut faiths lips in a few u gonna need extra lip glass to hide ur barackaness balackaness!

this morning when i was getting ready for work i thought about ur blog and this came to my mind..."u done come a long way like them slim ass cigarettes from virginia'! and i also thought about this.."u got the right one bayba uh-huh!" don't ask y. but i am proud of u and ur blog for coming a long ways!

anywas yes i know that this is a random ass comment however i got it like that!

suga said...

Aww they are so cute together but it is rather unfortunate that Ty'anna looks exactly like Biggie...lawd ha' mercy. That just aint right.

That is funny that she sounds like Becky though lol

Hey Shae! said...

I guess I don't hear it. Probably because I sorta sound like her too. Damn.. I must be Becky's auntie. lol

LOL@ Suga's comment. SO unfortunate...

SimplyE said...


Anonymous said...

Umm, WHENNNNNNNN are you gonna update this ish? Yo fans are WAITANG! *knockin' down cobwebs and blowin' dust offa furniture* I mean I know that being entangled in dack swangs all night is the thang, but ummmm...., there are other major priorities in life! Like numbin' my unemployed azz wounds! LMMAOROTGDF!

Kitty said...

that valley girl clip was stooopid!! lmao!!

Ms Bee said...

MY GIRL!!! UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....i'm waiting for you to update, a nigga sholl is lonely looking @ these other blogs, whatchu think about Chrihanna?!

Anonymous said...

*KNOCK* *KNOCK* Beesh, put down the got damn pipe and lets get this pawtay stawted!!!