Thursday, March 6, 2008

Now usually I don't do this...but...uhhhh...


Where did we go wrong, Texans and Ohio'ites?
Where, huh?!?!?!? **extreme batch of tears**
I thought you luv-did me?

Hillary Clinton is ya word, huh? Ok...I gotchu.
I'mma leave y'all alone. ESPECIALLY you muddasuckas in Texas. MOST of y'all (not all! Got love for the Longhorn Staters!) wouldn't know how to pick an APPROPRIATE candidate if your military son's LIFE depended on it. (Yeah! I went there!)
So...I'm not surprised. Disappointed: YES. Surprised: FUCK NAW!

Ok...I'm thru.
**steps off of soapbox, lets microphone fall to the ground**