Thursday, April 17, 2008

Like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese...

and beatin' the alarm just to snooze

And like a lick-pullin' Blood
Irritation level's sittin'
At an all time high
Right next to Weezyanna
Eatin' stars from the sky
It's on the edge of the ledge
'Bout to take the leap over
Aint no peace, peak is reached
Ain't a No Limit Soulja
Did way too much drankin'
Ain't get enough rest
Give me a small amount of bull
Sendin' holes to your chest
This ain't a threat
'Tis a promise
Ain't no fightin'
Bringin' llamas
Ain't no kiddin'
Fuck ya mama
I brings WAR
Fuck Drama
I spit nukes
Fuck flames
Fuck a toilet
Shit yo name
No aftermath like The Game
Katrina ya azz
Got Hurricanes
Fuck ya life
Who you admire
SF's the blog
You desire
Turn 35
And retire
She's now the Queen...
But I'm the SIRE!!

Yeah, I feel better already!


msfre said...

that was kinda hot...
gimme the beat so ican bust it like it's mines!