Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My, My Miley


Before I reduce myself to gettin' into fisticuffs with muhphukkas over my baby booboo, I'mma just politely ask y'all to leave my Mi-Mi alone.

For those who thought she should (she did!) apologize to her fans for posing in such "racy" photos, SHUT THE EFF UP! Maybe if you were more worried about your OWN kids they wouldn't be somewhere plottin' to blow up their schools or blowin' their teachers. Or looking for a role model via the boob tube cuz yo' azz is too busy to parent. MESSAGE!
What exactly should Miley be apologizing for?

Yes! She took the above artsy Annie Liebowitz flick that might not be appropriate for a 15 year old. And some Myspace pics that she should have thought twice about before posing for.

However...this ain't cha average teenager. Thi$ bitch got $tack$ like texturizer$ got Dax! Paper higher than a $ky$craper! Money like Chri$ Rock got funny! Dough like she's in training to be my Lady O. Oh!

Out of this whole "scandal" the only thing Mi' should be apologizing for is looking like the girl on the Les Miserable poster and for cheating on me with this lil' Mac Tonight-chinned floozy!
I know IGG-ZACK-LEE when this pic was taken, too! I recognize that scarf! That was the day she was supposed to be brangin' me a ribs and pancakes dinner for lettin' her stay up late to watch Cathouse 2 with me and O. And THIS the muthafuckin' thanks I get?!?!?!!

**gaining composure and recovering from jealous rage**
Bottomline: My lil' one can do what she wanna!
Long as she ain't flashin' myyyy me and Oprah's her panty partner for the world to see or drunk driving, or acting like she has to go elsewhere, instead of staying home with me and O, to get the biznazz, she's just being a girl! A very wealthy, BREADWINNIN' girl who could buy and sell you 2 dolla, 2-cent opinion havin' azz.


Anonymous said...

I disagree w/U. Just cuz she cot $crill don't mean her young a$$ shld be taking inappropriate photos. That pic is inappropriate n she lk mad hungry too! Maybe u should let her eat the rib n pancake breakfast she was bringin 2 u...

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Dayum, A-non!
What you don't realize is I'm tryna wife this young breezy.
So I'mma take up for her at AAALLL cost$. I'm tryna get in where I can fit in EARLY-like, so a$ $oon as the clock $trike$ '18!' $he'll remember who had her back like a bra strap, mayne!

Anonymous said...

Well I disagree with Anon... that pic is NOT inappropriate! Girls wear bikiiiinis to the beach, and the back is fully exposed...amongst other things. No one's complaining about that. People just need to find other things to focus on, instead of focusing on the REAL PHUCKIN PROBLEMS OF TODAY. Period. Miley hasn't done half the shnit these other ProstiTeens have done. Big deal, her back is showing...wooooah...its a BACK, not a nipple, not a cooch...a BACK. Get a life,,,,, go figure out wtf is wrong in your world instead of being paralyzed by the "tube"...
Phuckin America...I'm getting tired of it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's true girls wear bikinis on the beach but she lk straight neeky in this pic! Girls wear little shorts n skirts w/out panties n show they cooch 2 the world n thats not cool either. Just cuz Miley ain't on that level don't mean this is aight. I do agree w/u that there are WAY more important thangs 2 focus on tho n this is nowhere near the top...