Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flavor in your Sinceer

If you're a reg'la SF'er, you know I LOATHE but still tuned in to [/embarrassed] all incarnations of the Flavor series'iz'zis. Especially this past season since resident "nemesis" Sinceer is reppin' my hometown.
DAYGO! DAYGO! HELLO! It's DAYGO! **doin' a 'Tard-Lite version of the Shawty-Lo**


Being that Sinceer is currently a friend of mine via my personal Myspace, I came across a blog she wrote last night. Subject at a glance: HATERS

I'll refrain from giving my opinion (for a change. **checkin' Hell's temperature**) and allow you fine ladies and gents to form your own opinions about what Sinceer is spittin' via her Craigslist Erotic Services ad Myspace page.

Being that I've already addressed the bullshit azz idea of 'hate' I'mma zip it and zip it good. I DON'T take that ish seriously because 'hate' is just another person's opinion. And we all know opinions are like shitty Pinky Starfishes: From time to time, we ALL have one.
As an adult, to embrace the concept of 'hate' is comical to me. each their own. **shrugs**

As a single big biatch with a respectable, yet low-paying job and an equally low hanging bellay, I'd honestly rather be doing spending big face pennies than slaingin' ass like this....or that in order to get VIP to a club that's gon' get shot up 45 minutes to close ANYdayumway.

So before anybody fixes the their fonkay gums to say, "You just mad cuz YOU ain't on TV" or "Don't hate cuz YOU cain't!" I'll make the 'HURSH' gesture with my fangaz, quick-like, and say: "Ninja, puhleez."
Cuz while bitches these nice, young ladies were fugazi-ass-tear-manufacturin' and wishin' on that fallen star, I'z in a reg'la car, tokin' out with a candy bar. And mighty satisfied with it, too.

Plus, I knoooowww if I peruse the 'net long enough, I'm 1 tumillion% soy'tin I could find a site featuring bitches with the multi-pack belly AND back game out and about for the viewing pleasure of international credit card-swiping Club Chub admirers ready to get their Raspusha 'OWN', ok-k-k?
But I choose to no-exposed-tittay-or-ass-cheeks-involved low wage it and show my brain not give it by spittin' my life to this keyboard and blog.

Now that that's done...
Follow her nah if you give a fuck.

Well..... as you all know Sinceer is officially the most hated on Flavorette in Flavor of Love history!!! And I say that proudly. You never realize how many people out there have issues until you become the target of these losers!!!
Since the show has aired I've been constantly harrased (only online because nobody would dare talk shit in my face) as well as some of my supporters... I'm doing this blog not because these haters are bothering me.... but because they are bothering some of you....(<--Well, ain't that spesh'o? -Sav) sometimes these losers go thru the extent of creating a fake myspace profile request me as a friend.... wait for the friend request is approved and then post these dumb ass comments on my page like I give a fuck what they think.... some of my people see these comments and reply back with a comment and then the hater starts harrassing them.....
I just want my supporters to know ain't no way in hell is any of these things these people are saying affecting me (REALLY?! Then what's the reason for this blog?! Things that make you go "BULLSHIT!"-Sav) what so ever so if you see a loser on my page ignore them because I do... people talk about my forehead but Myamee's forehead is bigger then mine but nobody says shit about hers, (Aww. Another prime example of how it's NOT affecting you. I see you! -Sav)
damn bottle of wine, I get called a bad mom when Hotlanta admitted she ain't pay her rent to be on the show and Bunz admitted she was behind on bills and my bills were paid (how did I end up being called a bad mom),
I get called a backstabber when the twins backstabbed everybody in the beginning, Heezinz backstabbed Thing 1 and Black backstabbed Heezinz,
I get called uneducated when I have a bachelors degree, (Word?! Would love to see THAT side instead of the backside, crackside. -Sav) a job, and I'm one of the only girls in the house who don't live with my parents...these examples given are the reasons why I say I'm the most hated on because people only focus on "me" and try to find anything wrong with "me" and even make up shit...
if you ask me why I think I'm the most hated on the show.... it's because I was the strongest in the house... I was one of the most entertaining on the show.... I had the most self esteem and I didn't give a fuck what anybody thought about me (until the moment you sat down to compose this blog, riiiight? -Sav) ....
these haters are mad that I got on a tv show with my bad attitude while they're stuck behind a computer hating....
these haters are mad that with all the shit talking they did about my forehead and about my attitude I came on the reunion making sure my forehead showed and my attitude was even worse!!! ( -Sav)
So with that said I'm gonna continue to be me... the more haters I have the more I know that I'm doing something right otherwise they wouldn't have anything to hate on!!!!
And I know alot of yall can relate to what I'm goin thru with these losers cuz I see most of yall have haters too so we all must be doing something right!!!

Now that THAT'S over...**yawning, wonderin' if it's Good Morning time yet**

Why do YOU think she has so many haters?
  • IS it the forehead?
  • The OBVIOUS playing up for the cameras?
  • The fact that we've all seen this show before?
  • Or are we all just effin' bored with FOL alum **air quotes** bad ackin' and fresh-off-elimination-T&A-slaingin'?

My opinion is off limits so I shaln't. YOU make the call!


Sane said...

Ok my eyes hurt now. Somebody give this chick a Coke and tell her to go sit in the corner somewhere. The show is OVER. Why is she still talkin' about it? No one's checkin' for her.

rissa said...

lol right. did enough people even watch FOL this year to even cause this wave of "hate" she's referring to? I surely didn't and I was one of the idiots GLUED to the tv during the first and second seasons.

Secondly, it's aways gonna hurt when someone takes your ego down a notch or two. And if you feel the need to rationalize your feelings being torn up by blaming it on "hate" feel free to do so. It's a coping mechanism. I mean people are just making observations. She has a big ass forehead - truth. Even amongst the season 'o rejects she was one of the worst looking ones - traoooth. she qualifies as a skeeze for ass peddling - trooth.

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Well go'n then, Dr. Phil'Rissa! TELL IT LIKE IT TEE I IZ!

That's what ALL the FOL alum don't get.
Bottomline: People think you are a nastay, desperate, attention-starved skeez (<--YES!) for even CONSIDERING going on TV and ACTING like you want to fall in love with a charbroiled tootsie roll.
Whether you're doing it for fame, notoriety, fast-route to ass-showing, or cuz ya light bill is due, it's NOT hot. Especially for someone with a DEGREE!

Lawd!!! **cryin' to the Heavens** WHEN WILL THEY LEARN?!?!?!

elle_boogie said...


Anonymous said...

She looks frightening as hell. That head is something serious. Could not stand this thing.

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

Damn that forehead... I bet her headaches be making her wanna commit suicide.

rissa said...

nooooooooo damn the forehead, it was the hairline, hol up lemme be more precise, the lack of of hairline around her temples and ears to which mounds of atrocious weave was glued that had me all throwed.

Savv'alier said...

Yeah, that hairline is in chemo.

She better get her ass to Natty rehab like me.
I recognized the race my hairline was running towards the back of my neck and I was NOT havin' it no mo'!