Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The HAIL We Cain't!

I'm happy like dugouts stay nappy for mah man, Barack Obama. The first round of proverbial "dirt" has, indeed, been knocked off your shoulders, bruh!

For those of us who are politically-aware, I'm sure you're with me in recognizing the "bigness" of this nomination.

For those not politically-savvy, I need you to realize how this is the first time in the 230+ year history of these United States, the world's **air quotes and eye rolls** Melting Pot, that a Black man has clinched the nomination of a major political party.

For those who STILL ain't "own" like a disconnected phone, but will rock a "FREE J-BO" knee-length, black T faster than I can holla: "MAN DRESS!," let me give it to you straight with no grape Kool-Aid chaser:
This is the first time eva, EVA, EV-VUH that a ninja has had a 50/50 shot at being our next President. NO BULLSHITTIN'!
"Stoked" ain't even a descriptive enough adjective to express the sheer amount of pride, excitement, and exhilaration I'm experiencing for both my people and this country.
It's like a jungle sometimes. It makes me wonder how I keep from shootin' this biatch the hell up! Just to witness the apathy and trickery that's plaguing the poor and middle class OR the blatant displays of injustice repeatedly manifested against minorities, in general, is beyond disheartening. Especially given the fact that we were brought or encouraged to immigrate for their benefit. **shaking head**
For those of us suffering under Bush Administration/Republican "business as usual," just the thought of change and the idea of "YES WE CAN" is welcome and refreshing.
So, in celebration of this momentous occassion AND Black Music Month, let my brutha (and fellow Obama supporter!) Stevie Steve demonstrate what, at this second, I cain't articulate.


**side-eye'in the "On-The-Fencers": I'm talkin' to YOU, homay!

I urge anyone reading this who may be on the fence about voting, PERIOD, to conjure up the feelings of your childhood when your parents told ya ass NOT to do something. Didn't whatever it was become that much more appealing and you'd stop at NUH'CHIN to do what you were told time and time again NOT to do?
If you've answered "HAIL YEAH!," then use this same "logic" towards getting out to vote. Because it wasn't that long ago that THEY would stop at nuh'chin to prevent us from doing so.

Like my girl Fre said: "Usually the ones complaining about the system are the SAME ones who DID NOT vote."
At a time like this, the country CANNOT afford your indifference. With politics being dirtier than a set of Superhead tonsils and the race on track to get uglier than Jay-Z before the money, there's no time like the present to GET IN THE GAME!
Let's get American Idol-vote'ish out this bitch! NO, there's no 1-800 or text number to cast your vote. But believe me, as someone who's been voting for 10 years now: the "Pride Payment" is a bigger payoff than one can imagine.

For the "non-felonious" (<--Fre, you'za mess!) who aren't yet registered, but would like to: Follow me nah for Voter Registration Deadlines by state.
Even though you have until October to do so, why wait? If Foot Locker was having a FREE JORDANS event, I can pretty much bet my penny paycheck that your neck-break game would be oh-so strong to get down there. Employ the same thought process for some shit that REALLY matters, mmmkay?

Oh, and in closing, to mah dude, B-Rock Obeezy who has ON-LOCKED the nomineezy:
Hilly C. might be a good running mate, afterall! She appears to be a ride or die-type bia bia to me! Don't sleep on how "The Teflon Blonde" survived sniper fire in Bosnia, mayne!


Anonymous said...

Ok, first, can we make this entire Obama post into a nation-wide public service announcement? Had me wanting to find the nearest polling site to get my vote on TODAY. Luvs it.

On a completely separate and unrelated note: Dang, Stevie got some pretty hurr....

--Miss Behave

msfre said...

Hey, I'm up in this piece! Thank you Breezy for spitting out the same fi-yah that I have brewing from within... you know what, We GOT this!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Ayyy, Miss Be:
Yeah, Stevie's bang game is PROPPA. Too bad he's harvestin' all that goodness by pullin' his ponytails too tight.
Who'duh thunk a blind man would want Ghetto Chinese Eyes?!?!

FreFre!!! ALREADY!