Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Guess it's finally come to this, SF'ers.

**head in hands, type-dejected**

For the first time since I was a gotdayumed teen
Got my ass on SD Trans' wit' a mug on mean
Had to park the Honda fast
'Tro prices whooped my ass

Got a 16 gallon tank that I couldn't satiate
So I pump my Airwalk sneaks
Not my anti-lock brakes
The Land of the Free?
Please! Gimme a break
Cuz my Nell Carter game
On its way to deflate
Cuz I gotta beat my feet
'Steada beatin' down the street
Less I give ExxonMo my arm, leg, and my teef

The Home of the Brave
Got us livin' like slaves
How I'm government-paid
Yet livin' like min' wage?
1-fifty in a month outta buy me some stunts
Or a hunk in some Dunks
'Least a couple dozen blunts

Try to set my soul at ease
But ain't no comfort in the trees
Cuz I steady day dream of
Days livin' fancy-free
But now I'm payin' like I weigh
Since Bush owed his homies a solid
So they emptyin' my wallet
Sendin' they kids off to college
While I'm 5 a.m. bus pimpin'
On my way to make a livin'
They sittin' back, straight chillin'
Talkin, "Man! We made a killin'!'"
Well, enjoy it while you can
Takin' my life away from me
Play the country like dummies
You isle hop and fuck honeys
But remember one thang
While ya days still sunny
High hog livin' NOW but:
God DON'T like ugly!



Lil' Creole Pimp said...

*starts slow clap*

I loved every line. Every bar. Every rhyme.


(Change my blogroll name please. I can't go by Baby Daniel no more.)

elle_boogie said...

loves it.....i might have to get my a$$ on the Metra!!!!

S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

BD, I'mma change you to Ol' Dan'Yeller. How ya like me NOW?!

Elle, if you do get on that 'Metra' you besta be on ya best behavior. I ain't hardly tryna be YouTubin' and see you gettin' ya wig pushed back a la Soulja Girl, mmmkay?

elle_boogie said...

yo' crazy a$$...they aint playin' that....I lubs the ederly...plus these crazy a$$ old folks fights back out here in the CHI!!!

Marleaux said...

LMAO girl, that was hilarious. If I didn't live off Crenshaw, I'd probably be on the Ruff Tuff & Dirty also... Maybe if I borrow my daddy's gun...

kayellejaye said...


I'm having thoughts of hitting up the metro, too. It won't save me any money because I live too far from my job, but traffic is real stupid nowadays. I just need to kick up my feet and relax.