Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bisexual Birthday Shower

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Last night, hip hop artist and pussy fiend producer Missy Elliott celebrated her 37th bday with a lil' gathering at Marquee in the NYC. Out of all the pics, I peeped MAYBE 3 dudes. And each looked like his shirt snapped together right up under his bizzalls, so, really, they are doing the opposite of counting.

So, I'm asking you, my fine pee'po: Was the reason for the lack of XY chromosome guests in attendance because Missy is man enough for each of the fine ladies in the house? Or did she make the mistake of leaving Kang Labeefah in charge of the guest list?
photo source


Sane said... you KNOW how she roll. Couple of years back, Brat's birthday party was of the SAME calibur, only there WERE no menz there.

Kiemie said...

I'm so gagging right now! Missy is a gangasta. THe only peen she keeps are round are the dancers for the videos

Serena said...

Just imagine all the licking that was going on at that party. Ooh wee!

Loving your blog, found your link on A Hot Mess.