Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Devil Is The Troof!



Remember when I busted the pussy that was Jay-Z's Vegas locale of The 40/40 Club wiiiiiiide open?!?!
Well, looka here. LOOKA HERE! BOY! LOOKA HERE!

The Devil Is The Troof!!!!!

I'd like to think I played a hand in this. To those who did NOT fall victim to the anal wallet-raping, unlike me and my girls, and avoided that bullshit azz place like The Plague and now NEVER have to worry about going to that beeyatch: Uhhh... YOU'RE WELCOME!

Now...Please repeat after me. There's only one rule: I.WILL.NOT.LOSE


Anonymous said...

Just like Redd Foxx said in Harlem Nights "Don't fuck with them voo doo bitches, they can bury yo draws in the front yard and you cant leave"... Yeah yeah Savvy we all know you took some chicken bones from the 40/40 club and put a hex on em. Yo repost that blog entry from ur night there...

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

That's my uncle you fucking with... We cool and all but I'ma beat yo' ass on this train.

The Randomness said...

Now the Creole hex shall forever follow u....strat bathing in baking soda ;)