Thursday, August 28, 2008


While over at my bloggin' bwoi BJ's spot, HHU2, I came across this vid of BEYONCE'S LITTLE SISTER tryna act like she ain't BEYONCE'S LITTLE SISTER.

All I gotta say is that newscaster is better than ya girl. If that was my channel and/or interview, we either woulda cut to commercial, a boxing ring, or the line of questioning would have deviated from promoting her lil' ripoff, Welfare/WIC-office-Amy-Winehouse-At-The-Flea-Market album to questions people really give a fuck

"It's common knowledge that you can't turn a young ho into a household name. So, compared to your SUPERTALENTED, SUPERSTAR sister that did NOT have a baby as a teen: How does it feel to not be shit?"

"Are you interested in losing the rest of that Gonzo honker you had chopped off years ago in order to FINALLY resemble a Knowles and not dude from Mad TV?"

And finally:
"Bitch, do you want a SavvyFatty 2-piece combo? MINUS the biscuit?"

My jigga Juelz: You know I luhh you with all my heart and Soledad O'Brien. But ya mama woulda been knocked into some Hadley Street Dreams fuckin' wit' me.


Lil' Creole Pimp said...

*spray paints FUCK YOU; against the doors of Savvy Fatty's 2Pac Academy & Foods of Many Nations Emporium*

BIN WA The Counselor said...

GONZO HONKER awwwwwww nawwwwwww you a problem my luscious.

The Jade said...

poor single mama, delusional, alternative like ashley simpson, pseudo-edgy Solo!!!
You gotta throw in what my late great aunt told me after my divorce, " you can't keep a man" ..

Snarl snarf fuckity fack
Glad your Savvyfatty ass is back!!!

bshepjr said...

lol @ lcp