Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

No, not you, my loyal SavvyFatty folks, but:

"Juneau's Juno!"
Bristol Palin
17-year old daughter of Alaska Governor and the GOP's Vice Presidental pick, Sarah Palin

And no, not this week's federal holiday that got my Venezias fitting like a second, thick, denim skin after eating far too much "poak" and "tayduh salad" while imbibing mixed drainks involving champagne, wine, and Cherry Tampico, (<<--Class, at its finest) but an ACTUAL labor day. April 18th of this year, to be exact.
Don't know what the HAIL I'm talking about?!
Follow me, nah!!

You can't...since for some odd, type-jainky "I SMELL A COVER-UP" reason, the Daily KOS story that was posted about the Desperate Housewives-"Bree Van De Kamp"-type situation involving Sarah Palin and her teen daughter has mysteriously disappeared!

But the long of the short is:
It's believed that Sarah Palin did not give birth to her fifth child, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who was born this past Spring with Down Syndrome. Instead her teen daughter, Bristol, reportedly secretly birthed the child and turned custody over to her parents to hide her transgression.
Read more here...

But now, since Gov. Palin and her pals are so Pro-Choice and Anti-Birth Control, Lil' Miss Premarital Pussy Pumpstress, has turned up knocked up AGAIN!
However this time, with the Senior Ms. Palin in the national spotlight, this pregnancy cannot be hidden or covered up with Baby Trig and his blankie.


My opinion, in short:THIS is exactly what happens when you refuse to talk to your children about birth control. And when you sit so high on your Conservative High Horse thinking that it's impossible to even fathom that your child may slip up and get knocked up.

NEWSFLASH to parents with teenagers:
Your son's dick will harden and your daughter's pussy will moisten and at some point it will find something to get into...or something to get into it. PLAIN and SIMPLE!

Believe me: I know!
Many moon'leniums ago, I was a teen with working parents, a lot of free time, and a bus pass that could take me to any one of my ex's homes at any given time of day or evening. I remember being HOT AS FUCK for my high school sweetheart(s) and rising EARLY in the morn to ride the bus across Southeast to see them and staying up late on the phone describing in GRAPHIC detail** what I was going to do to them the next time I saw them. (** And I always kept my promise...right, TAL and SLB?! HAHA!)

But real talk: Having a sex and/or birth control convo with your child has never decreased nor enhanced their desire to screw.
We're biologically designed to be attracted to the opposite sex. (Well, some of us. **side-eyes Puff and the rest of the Hip Hop Closet**) But there's nothing unnatural about the urge to fuck. It's in us all. The best thing a parent can do is equip their children, especially their teen girls, with the tools necessary to prevent an early or unwanted pregnancy.

The Palins went wrong by trying to hide Bristol's pregnancy; especially when trying to pass an obviously-unpregnant Gov. Palin off as being with child.
Gov. Palin, right, pictured in her 3rd trimester while pregnant with her first first baby in 1989

Then, in her 3rd trimester with Baby Trig in early 2008

This cover-up and subsequent scandal could have easily been avoided with just a teeny-tiny ounce of what I like to call "Truth." Instead of being anti-birth control, they should have been Pro-Sex Ed. They should have discussed the consequences of unprotected sex as well as the consequences of getting preggo while Mommy is trying to be the Republican Hilly C. And since that NEVER happened, they are about to be grandparents for the second time...under the scrutiny of the entire country.

What the Right-Wingers refuse to realize while on their Moral High Horses is that there's not ONE family in this wide world that has not been affected by a teenage pregnancy and that being a teen parent does NOT mean you or your child are destined to not be be shit.
Hell, I'm a product of a couple of horny high schoolers, as are many of my friends, co-workers, aunts, uncles, great grandparents, cousins, etc.
Yes, I bring home a can of Tab and a Homies figurine every 2 weeks, but I think I'm doing pretty well, despite my humble, and oft-thought "shameful" beginnings. Yes! It is embarassing to have a pregnant child, especially when you've done everything in your power to raise that child "right." But like your ass after eating anything off a Taco Bell menu: SHIT HAPPENS!
The Palins could not control Bristol's actions, but they COULD HAVE controlled their reaction to her sitaution. And a cover-up was NOT the correct, MORAL thing to do which is why this situation brings about many questions regarding Sarah Palin's morals, especially since she's up for a position which would make her the second most powerful person in the WORLD.
As a person who could possibly (but HOPEFULLY NOT!) become her constituent, I needz to know:

  • If you'll lie to the public about something as simple as a teenage pregnancy, what ELSE will you lie about?
  • If you cannot keep your own daughter's legs closed, how can you help our daughters to remain chaste?

I've shared my views.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the Palin Pregnancy(ies)?


nica said...

this isn't a comment about palin specifically but it is about teen preggos n b/c. like u saavy i was once a teen and my mom took time out to give me papmphlets to read and to answer my ?'s. I know that i had the pleasure to step in and parent a teen for her mom cus her mom didn't wanna have the b/c talk. by the time she got to me it was time for a test. and not a spelling test. so it's not smart to sweep real life talks under the rug and wait for some devine intervention. hell naw people gotta step up and parent their teens. even tho teens can be difficult u can't just ignore life.

pnuttbuttahunny said...

Have you heard that Bristol's pregnancy is earning her even more support!!!??? Even with the Christian right wing. Why? Because it shows that she is anti-abortion/Pro-life (for real), anti-birth control, and it somehow humanizes her and it makes her seem more like everyone else. Then you throw in the Down syndrome child, the fact that she is not a rich white man and what do you have? A family that “is just like so many families”

Wth? What is this world coming to when people are actually respecting this, applauding this even, and considering it to be a good thing? Anything not to have a black man in office, right? Or is this classic case of old school style blind-eye? Do as I say, not as I do? Will Bristol be the new national spokesperson for the pro-choice movement?

Dang, you can put a positive spin on anything nowadays. Seriously, what is this world coming to when a teen pregnancy is "good"...

afro j said...

i swear this shih is crazy. i saw the pic on friday and knew the lil skeezer was preggers from the jump. hos these days i swear... shih bak in my day (okay so maybe a few decades before my day...) it was shameful to hav kids out of wedlock, buh now it's celebrated?!

puhlease, if i were that girl i wude invest in a nice metal coat hanger and some extra strength pain relievers b/c that thang cant go on to full term...

ALSO, if this baby comes out handicapped (like the last one..) then theres a huge likelyhood that the daughter actually was the mother of the first baby that palin is tryna pass off as her own...

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

Homies figurine? Fuck you Savvy... I just can't do this today... And you know you were naturally attracted to both sexes... Quit lying.

Anonymous said...

Girl, I couldnt have said that any better. You cant turn a hoe into a vp. Hoeism is a learned behavior. She got that shit from her momma!!