Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain in my AZZ!

In the immortal words of Thing 2 from "Flavor of Fuckery:"

FA REAL, FLAV?!?!?!!!!

Alaska Governor Palin is McCain's choice for VP
John McCain has chosen Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his vice-presidential candidate on the Republican ticket for the White House, a senior McCain campaign official has told CNN. The 44-year-old Palin, now in her first term as governor, is a pioneering figure in Alaska, the first woman and the youngest person to hold the state's top political job. More bullshitteration here...
The Republicans are some tricky azz bastards, mayne!! Opportunistic Douchebags who've sat back in the cut, ninja what!, and observed what the disgruntled "Hillarations" (<<--Hillary Clinton supporters) want more than anything in the long run: A woman reppin' in DC.
Fuck the fact that this woman will support a "regime" that has brought the US economy, environment and its reputation around the world down to the fiery pits of Hell. As long as there's tampons on the ticket, PUMAs and ignorant feminists just may cast a vote for Centrum Silver in November, leaving Obama to take his "celebrity" back to the Senate.
I'm fucking speechless right now, y'all. So I cain't. Nor will I. amongst the comments, of course. **wink**


nica said...

so i guess when it comes to being inexperienced it only matters in obama's case?? and who the hell is she?? who knows wut she stands for?? who outside of(inside for that matter) alaska ever heard of her. i hope this makes people become aware of how important it is to inform and teach those who don't know about obama! this just shows us that we need to make sure EVERYBODY is a registered voter. ima go and register the dude who asked me for some change this morning. he can use my address. and i suggest a few of u let a few of the less fortunate use ur address. i can believe centrum silver and the gop's would stoop this low to try to ruin america. by tryna trick people by puttin some titays on the ballot!

NO BITCHASSNESS this nov. make sure u vote! no absentee go to the polls!

Jerm said...

This nigga McCain is old as my Grandma; I love my Grandma and everything BUT I wouldn't feel 100% safe with her running the country. His war-happy, help the rich stay rich ass is aimming to get us in WWIII! His wife is a heir of Folgers coffee! They'll blow this bitch up and move to Mars! They're trying to shrink the population, they're wealthy so they're not trippin!


S A V V Y Fatty!...uhhh...DUH! said...

Trill Talk, y'all.
Thanks for being my voice when I was too busy buying AR-15s off some Columbian dude.

jhazzaisworld said...

This is true BYTCHAZZZNESSS!!! But I knew that ole azz fossil was gonna use that card. She ain't bad lookin' either. Well, now we know who Ole Fossil's ho is. Typical azz bullshyd!

Lil' Creole Pimp said...

I think McCain is a shifty bastard. If he'll stoop to these tactics, just because he doesn't have the momentum that his counterpart has, then think of what he would while in office.

Shyster! Fugazzi ass Plies Ross motorscooter.

McCain doesn't care about Creole people.

rissa said...

ok everybody wanna jump down her throat, mcfuckup asked her, not the othe way around. i mean if u go read up on ol girl, she was doing some whistleblowing on some bitchassess that was taking place with some politicians round her way. it aint her fault mccain is trying to use her. he's a bitch and is trying to get those damn Hilatarians vote the best way he can, finding some inexperienced woman. plus she's down for drilling for oil in the wildlife reserves. man wtf is gonna ask somebody who's only been in politics a couple of years to be the vp of the freaking united states of america. i mean if you can't see through that shit you really ought not have the right to vote.

pnuttbuttahunny said...

I have to say that I was VERY shocked that McCain chose a woman VP candidate. Very strategic move!!! I for sure didn't see that one coming, esp. since I hadn't heard any mention of her as a possible candidate. Anyway, this has made him even more competitive with regard to Baracks "celebrity"! I think having her on the ticket might sway a lot of women voters and Hillary supporters as some people really want to see a woman in office. I feel that people are looking for something different from the powers that be this election--something other than the status quo of the old rich white male president. People might be looking to finally see someone that looks like them or who they feel really represents them in office. So, putting a black male or a white woman in the white house could be a change that people are looking for. The republicans saw that and jumped on it. Why wouldn't they select a woman?! McCain's camp is really playin' the game and giving the people the image that they want. She is a good choice too. She is young like Barack, has children(working mother) and has been known to be whistleblower which might make people trust her. From what I have been reading people seem to really be jumping on her bandwagon. Now, let's see what her political views are like. Again, good move for the republican side as they are finally getting some real media attention.
Wow, now it looks like this is really going to be a close race. Basically this election is going to make history regardless!

This is why people have to be's not just about sound bytes and pretty pictures as the party lines are blurring- and both parties know it (Republi-crats...Hello!). Those pretty packaged messages got us into this war, got the economy messed up and got Bush elected twice.
So, it just goes to show that although it should be about issues and policies it's not. Often it's just about party and star power because people are too lazy to be informed. The powers that be are fully aware of this too!

THE 78' MS. J said...

Do you really think that these dummies are going to fall for the okie-doke again? I mean seriously even as a republican do you really want shit to keep going the same way? It amazes me how this country is in the toilet and the people who keep shitting in said toilet are lining their pockets with war contracts, oil contracts, and etc like a tick sucking the life blood of the country the rich get richer while the barely making it end up homeless. What a country. said...

He's trying to get that independent and "Disgruntled Hillary supporter" votes.

Clever old man. Lets hope Biden can rip her to shreds during the VP debate.

The Randomness said...

I am sticking with the law of attraction.....what you resist blah blah blah so I refuse to put Sarah and Methuselah in my vibration buble BUT I will laugh at this @ il creole pimp:

Shyster! Fugazzi ass Plies Ross motorscooter.

McCain doesn't care about Creole people.



Lil' Creole Pimp said...

Ill Creole Pimp ain't playing with him... I told my Pop-Pop to put his name on the ballot or throw his hat into the race... BUT NO!!!!!! said...

This is a bitchass move..especially since he picked the day after Obama's speech to decide a pick for VP. Mccain you gets a a half a pinky clap for this bull..What he's tryng to do is get the people who were voting for Hillary to come back to his boo...they were voting for Hillary because she's HILLARY, and they believed what she stood for..who is thos beauty pagent contestant bish???

Come on and vote ya'll 8 is ENOUGH

peace2332000 said...

Just when you think the Republicans have gotten as low and as sleazy as humanly possible, they find a way to transcend themselves.

I doubt Palin can even read/write on a third grade level. Alaska? Really? The only reason they picked her was to "appeal" to the Hilary voters. Their goal is to split the ticket and to steal as many Hilary democrats as possible.

I can not believe that the republican party truly believes that American is THAT stupid. I hope for our own sake that we wake up and realize that the republicans could give a damn about what is good for Americans.