Friday, November 7, 2008

Showed Up & Showed OUT!

**STIIILLLLLL actively busting my Election Night "Yeah-Muhfucka-Right-Back-On-Dat-Ass! WE WON, NINJA!!!" 32-step**

Deuces to you, too, McAged!

For my loyal SavvyFat'Liens: Remember this?
Did you think ya girl wouldn't hit you off with the SavvyFatty vic-Vic-VIC-VICTORIOUS! FreakMixxx?

Let's G-G-Get It!

Did we vote like THIS?!

Said, "NAAAWW, GOP! You dun' done ENOUGH SHIT!"

No one in my circle said, "Fuck the ballot box!"

So we stood the HAIL UP and we voted BARACK!

(Or whatever sound that is that Jigga-Man makes at the end of the end of "A Bill")


As for the kid: I'm still type-processing the fact that the "Best Country In The World" (arrogant, much?!) is JUST NOW electing a "colored" face; 14 years after historically apartheid-ridden South Africa elected their first Black president.

But all that's neither here nor there. I'm STILL overjoyed like Stevie Wonder at the International Convention for Cornrows & Beads.

Peep my Election Night "Tweets" to see the changes I was going through while history unfolded before my eyes.

After getting the OH-FISH-O word that our boy B.Rack pulled through to beat the Depends DRAWLS off of Centrum Silver:
"A ninja is taking shots with tears in her eyes. WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

When the Obama girls, Michelle, Malia, and Sasha, joined the President-Elect on stage:
"LOST IT! after seeing the young Obama girls, Sasha & Malia. There WILL BE a pressing comb in The White House!"

What I was secretly doing while Barack was delivering his victory speech:
"I was listening for the sounds of big guns that go BRRLLAATT"


In closing, for those of you who may feel like your work is done since the outcome of this election was on our side, here's a lil' piece of advice from yours truly:
"Let not our involvement end with election. Let’s keep it moving on a path to betterment & progression."

Young S A V V A Y, BAYBEH!!!!!!!!!!


nica said...

saav i still have chills. everytime i see the picture!! i am gonna go and paint dc BLUE tonite baybaaaa!!!! the other dark meat said he can't wait to go help michelle move her hot comb in lol!! and i can't wait to go help bush move that yayo out! i wonder how many brkks he got under his bed?? if u wanna come out for the 20th lemme know so we can get the room ready!!

i've been @ work doing my centrum silver impressions (raising my hands face down to my waist and callin everybody my friends) tonite ima do my best cindy impression!!


Diti said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHA, NOT 'there will be a pressing comb in the white house!'

you killed me on that line. I cant even remember what else I wanted to say, lol.

AY SON, why my word verification was "mackin"

MACK DADDY BABY! or mommy? eh!

Oscar said...

Hell yeah! Obama muthafuckas! Now W needs to pack his shit and go back to Texas. We got some new, young blood up in there.

He's gonna be bumpin some old mobb deep while saving this country.

Anonymous said...

It feels good/
They was shooting in my area also!