Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Air Pianympho

So, I'm over at Kanye's blog desperately trying to find some type of contact info so Yeezy Yeezy can peep the hot fiyah that is the SavvyFatty FreakMixxx of his verse on Young Jeezy's "I Put On."

But once my search proved fruitless, and only after emailing a pic of my grandma to be featured in the "Stronger Sightings" section (Yeah, if arthritis don't kill her, it will only make her stronger) did I spot something that caught my lil' hornay eye.

Enter the AirPiano.


Tauted as "an innovative musical interface which allows playing (<<--Ooh!) and controlling software instruments simply by moving hands in the air" (<<--Unh. Unh! Baybee!) I knew this was something that must be added to the SavvyFatty Lonely Nights Arsenal at once!
Now if this pic doesn't make you want to lay under those magically dancing, pasty white hands...then check your temperature. Cuz you mosdef must be gettin' your Heaven for a G on.

To all you thinking: "Savvy, you don't play an instrument. What will you do with something like this?!" I think, "Stay yo fonkay azz out my muthaplukkin' biznazz!!!" then I lay out my plans to your nosey ass for you inquiring minds.

Once the AirPiano is received and secured, I'm going to commence to e-mee-tree-it-lee taking it apart to discover exactly what makes it work. My plans are to construct something similar to be placed in my Caciques in order to avoid a tripl to the Dirty Souf in an effort to climb the Stairway to Heaven.
Then, directly after, depending on the severity of the exxxplosion, I'll get to erasing each and every fuck ninja up out my contacts list. Except for these two, of course. I might not need ninjas anymore, but I still got bills. And money, mosdef, still make me cum.

So, to all my people that enjoy The SavvyFatty Experience and would love for your daily dose of fuckshit to continue, I'll need you to reach into your Goach bags and wallets to donate to my Air PianHO fund.

Until it's received, SF will be on hiatus indefinitely.
So, the faster you get your donations in, the sooner we'll be back to our regularly scheduled ho dro programming.

How you luhhhh dat?!


Anonymous said...

Okay girl, I'll put five on it, only if i can come use it sometime... A G gets lonely too..