Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The True Fucker

**Desperately searching for a word more descriptive and picture-painting than "speechless" to describe my shock, awe and horror right now**


photo source

I cain't and WILL not believe that The New Yorker let my soon-to-be First Lady, **ballot marked; fingers crossed** plucked and high (brows) girl, Obama's baby mama, Michelle, go out like "
Shirley" on What's Happening.
That woman is a saint in my eyes! A beautiful black queen who ain't afraid to rock her natural press and curl is so hard to come by these days. And these fuckas got her on here looking like BozNegro The Clown.

Oh...and the rest of that shit is unexcuseable, as well. I ain't blind; don't need no glasses to see.
But since you've probably heard (or read) everybody else's opinion on the shit, I won't bore you with mine. Just know I got a SavvyFatty 2-Piece Combo heating up in the microwave for whoever greenlit that cover.

As an artist, I can understand the satirical nature of the photo.
According to Politico, artist Barry Blitt "satirizes the use of scare tactics and misinformation in the Presidential election to derail Barack Obama’s campaign."

Ok. Cool. But why isn't there an alternate, commemorative cover with John "Centrum Silver" McCain holding a press conference while simultaneously pushing up daisies and stunt-doubling for worm food ig-zack-lee 10 seconds after he's sworn in?
That's a very real fear that I have as a voter; that our President will kick the bucket and leave a far-less prepared muhfucka in charge of the countray. Why not satirize the shit that frightens ME?

MY take: OBVIOUSLY they're speeding down Controversy Ave, straight onto the We're-Trying-to-Skew-On-The-Fencers-and-Middle-America's,-Most-Notably-the-Red-States-Residents,-Already-Effed-Up-View-of-The-First-Black-Candidate Expressway.
Shit's tasteless and for those who won't buy the magazine or read up on the "satire," they'll take this shit as law and run with it...straight to the polls with a John McCain vote. We cannot afford that. We've seen The Republican Show for the past 8 years and it's the complete opposite of the BIZNISS!


So...to counter that negativity, cop the HOTTEST B-rack merch you can via CafePress.
Taughted as, “FRESH FRUITS AND VEGGIES FOR FRESH OBAMA LOVERS!," here's my fave item of the moment, for obvious reasons, uhhh doyyy!:


And it's PLUS-SIZED! Available in sizes 1x-5x! **contemplating starting a club called, "Big Biatches for Barack"**

Now...if only I could find the John McCain toilet paper roll. That shit would go PLATINUM (or Assnum) at Chateau Savvy.


kstellar said...

umm...yeah. first of all, we don't even get the new yorker in my town but this IS something i would expect to see on the cover of the north platter. has anybody even NOTICED the mc cains wife is a stepford fucking alien? i have never seen a woman so possessed. and has anyone even heard her talk about ANYTHING? does she have an oppinion or agenda other than wardrobe expansion? and i agree with the hair thing for sure, if you are going to satire someone at least get close to resembling the subject you're trying to emulate. and is the burning flag nessecary? absolutely NOT. the implication that eithr one of these people is unpatriotic or consorting with our known enemy is just rude, ridiculous, and down right fucked up. DAMMIT PEOPLE!!! our current president really WAS consorting with the enemy but everybody closed their eyes and plugged their ears and said "LALALALA NOT LISTENING!!!" everybody's entitled to their oppinion and i understand the freedom of speech but did it have to go on the cover? couldn't it have just been b/w halfway thru the mag somewhere? so dissapointed in the new yorker but not in SAVVY FATTY! thank you for your post :)